Transience - Art Issue 004

Transience - Art Issue 004

Oversized Format
270 x 360 mm plus Pocketbook Inside
170 x 250 mm 154 pages,
on two different high quality paper stocks

Everything is in transience, everything is in flux, it just depends on the scale of time you choose to associate it with. Time, our ultimate and elusive tool to comprehend our being. Is there anything that is not transient? As we dig deeper and deeper into the mathematics of our being, it seems that nothing is stable. Only time makes things solid. The illusion of time, as we know by now. Humans recently discovered particles of matter that can go back and forth in time, which makes a present presence obsolete. As far as we have come, the only constant that remains is energy but it is also transient like anything else. How long can you lift a 30 kg stone, before it will drag down your powerful arms? And how long you could hold something without breathing? Energy is transient and matter is e nergy. When will somebody solve this riddle of time, energy, and flux. Will science have the answer? Will art lead us there? Art is fantasy grounded on energy, elusive and unstable, science is bound to our elusive perception: do you really believe you are made of atoms? Science is fantasy and art is fiction. The only thing that can be grasped is floating away transient in time. Energy shall remain positive.