This time we’ve spinned our minds around the term “DROPOUT“, which we’ve defined somewhere between modern day nomadism and a consciously chosen rejectionist attitude.

“Drop Out” meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean “Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity.” -Timothy Leary, 1983

And even though we’re pretty much aware of the fact that this probably was just the prolog towards a new kind of moral/ethical bankruptcy, we feel beefed-up and confident enough to continue fighting the good fight - no matter what. A first result comes in the form of our new issue, for which we’ve spun our minds around the term “Dropout“. Highlights include elaborate stories on Jay Adams, Ash Thayer, Daria Werbowy, Jay Nelson, Jason Lee and Junction 48. Plus there’s more:

BRUCE STEWART. days of being wild
The 60s definitely have a huge appeal because it was the era of change, which saw a massive shift to the left as a result of things building up and finally boiling over. People were taking a stand against common standards and the powers that be, the civil rights activists, the feminists, the hippies, the protesters, they all gratefully carried forward what the beatniks had left behind - and just when philistinism couldn’t stand it no more in the early 70s, the unloved movement died and got turned into something cool by punk. Acclaimed photographer Bruce Stewart was there when an expanded summer of love finally bowed out for good in the Pacific Northwest in 1972...

JOE HOLBROOK. into the wild
The work of London-based artist Joe Holbrook explores the causality chains of an ordinary weekend in the UK, as his photo-realistic paintings deliver an unfiltered look of British youngsters on a night out - clubbing, boozing, doing drugs and the traditional pit-stop at some greasy fast food joint on the way home included. But while the very majority of observers of these scenes would immediately lose themselves in an overdose of holier-than-thou platitudes, Holbrook’s art is luckily missing any kind of plain moral sermon...

ADAM FREELAND. desert rock
The reason why Adam Freeland - the acclaimed DJ/producer and one third of The Acid, the enigmatic trio which he formed together with Ry X and Steve Nalepa - has been a lil’ bit off the radar lately is that he’s put into action what others will fantasize about their whole life - exchanging the safe side of what you know in favor of embracing the unknowns. In this particular case: leaving the cherished sea view Brighton offers in order to live off-the grid in the Californian desert...