Youth isnít simply this once in a lifetime event, it neither just appears from out of nowhere nor does it vanish on a specific day. It feels more like an ebb and flow kinda thing without its affiliated orderliness. The marketing machines make you want to believe that youth has no age whatsoever - but spitting from a bridge on driving cars in your midlife while wearing $200 sneakers isnít as much fun as it used to be, really.†

The unique feature youth is offering is that you still believe to be able to built your life on a solid foundation of cheerfulness, confusion and health, regardless of the set of values your parents internalized, regardless of your observation that frustration and cynicism is seemingly deeply rooted in adult life. Itíll take just a lilí longer to find out that a solid part of being happy is highly connected to your actual circumstances - and not necessarily to your disposition.

Speaking of which: money can actually extend youth, it might be even able to buy youth on your journey to overcome any kind of hardship. Just donít expect to find your authentic self in the mix.

What else? Right, we assembled another rad issue on all things youth: how it is marketed, how it was lived in the late 80s, how much beautiful noise it makes today and what a flawless appearance it has in general. Enjoy. And donít forget to embrace your juvenile-self every once in a while.


Raul Buitrago's†Gnarleans,†The 20 Without A Doubt Most Significant, Pitch-Perfect And Almost Intimidatingly Rad Coming-Of-Age Movies Ever,†Owen Harvey †The Photographer Documenting A New†Era Of Masculinity,†Kamila Lozinska,†The Authentic Self,†Flying High With Sky Brown,†Philip Gerald,†Archiv der Jugendkulturen by†Selam X,†Mihad,†Innenbooks'

Aaron Fabian,†Smokepurpp,†Bless Yo Trap,†Black Midi,†Sonic Explorers,†Faye Webster,†Carmen Villain,†Shawna Kenney,†Live At The Safari Club,†The Cosmics,†Ngahere Wafer,†Txema Salvans and†Claudio Majorana.†

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