Summertime might feel like this highly anticipated long stretch of lazy - but in actuality you just canalize your energy differently as you’d normally do because life just feels a bit easier as soon as you squint in the bright sun. You hustle as hard as you ever do but suddenly your daily routine seems to be filled with swimming strokes and mastering summersaults.
Lodown’s latest adventures into creative procrastination is titled “Lemonade“ - an aptly chosen variable for each and everyone’s favorite season - which will offer an even more colorful, wild, sexy, funny, silly, adventurous and overall entertaining ride than usual. Some might even say it is filled with the same magic usually connected to summertime only.


Benjakon, Ed Harrington, Saint Hoax, Icy & Sot, Cain Caser, JAck Daly, French Fred (Mortagne), Stephen Burridge, Sinziana Velicescu, Eve De Haan, Fanakapan, Erin D. Garcia, Olimpia Zagnoli

more impressions at: http://lodownmagazine.com/features/lemonade
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