“FUTURE (SHOCK)“ is an artistic exploration on our mistrust of the future which is making it really hard to let go of the past.
- JOSH KEYES... life on earth after things went down big time hardly ever looked as mesmerizing than through the photo-realistic paintings of this American artist.
- THE BOMB... is a game-changing art experiment turned documentary turned one-of-a-kind experience, which throws the audience into a 360° installation filled with sound and drastic imagery on nuclear weapons.
- ÖCTAGON... is the living-breathing-forward-thinking proof that skateboarding still can be avant garde - even though it’s a rather dystopian one.

- THE MATTSON 2... just recently teamed up with Chaz Bundick for an immersive jam session resulting in futuristic disco jams informed by a psychedelic past.
 - more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: FUTURA, SCOTT LISTFIELD, KELLY LEE OWENS, SHEPARD FAIREY, BOSCO VERTICALE, SEX BOTS and many others.

The FUTURE (SHOCK) Magazine has the format 210mm Width x 300mm Height and features extra glossy cover in two editions + flaps, high quality print, different paper stocks & special colors!

-> pick “Cover 1” for the “Captain Future” edition
-> or pick “Cover 2” for the “Black Mirror” edition 
€ 9,00
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