This time we’ve spinned our minds around the term “DROPOUT“, which we’ve defined somewhere between modern day nomadism and a consciously chosen rejectionist attitude.
- ASH THAYER... the celebrated photographer/filmmaker/activist might be located in Los Angeles these days, but she spent her formative years in the squatting scene in New York’s Lower East Side - a place that basically felt like a different planet in the 90s compared to the frozen yoghurt fantasies it fulfills these days.
- JAY ADAMS... passed away in 2014, and the (skateboarding) world lost one of its true pioneers. Not only was he one of the originators of what eventually became the most powerful youth culture movement in human history- he was also the tragic figure, the badboy, the dropout of an art form he cofounded.
- ADAM FREELAND... the acclaimed DJ/producer and one third of The Acid has been a lil’ bit off the radar lately - because he’s put into action what others will fantasize about their whole life: exchanging the safe side of what you know in favor of embracing the unknowns: living off-grid in the Californian desert.

 - JUNCTION 48... the movie already won major awards at festivals like Tribeca and the Berlinale, as it took critics and audiences by storm via a story that isn’t too interested at all about notions of the good and the bad - instead it tells a multi-layered underdog tale with a pumping hip-hop score set within the heavily complex cultural system of modern Israel.
 - more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “DROPOUT“ from the likes of: JASON LEE, DARIA WERBOWY, BRUCE STEWART, MULTI KULTI, CHAD MUSKA, JAY NELSON, BONOBO, JOE HOLBROOK and many others.

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