Issue #100

Issue #100
Issue #100
Issue #100

The glorious Lodown #100 with almost 300 pages is in the house!

- RETROPERSPECTIVE... we present highlights - in a kind of elaborate remix - from the fields of photography, contemporary art, graphic design and beyond of the last twenty years of Lodown.
- THE 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL ALBUMS... well, not ever, but between 1995 − 2016. It took forever to compile this list, but in the end it was a love affair that will clearly stand the test of time.
- DAVE CARNIE... Mr. Big Brother himself tells us about that one time he was hoverboarding with Tony Hawk - for real.
- LARS EIDINGER... basically is the only relevant pop star Berlin is offering at the moment, as he equally feels at home on the big screen, playing Shakespeare in renowned theaters and setting dancefloors on fire.
 - Visual contributions were exclusively delivered by artists such as  > Will Sweeney, Eric Haze, Misha Hollenbach, Allister Lee, Aaron Rose, James Jarvis, SuperBlast, Tobin Yelland, Andy Jenkins and many others.

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